Tuesday, December 13, 2011

........and GO!

This blog will be the posting location of all research, documentation, and development for my performance study utilizing the Kinect.  The project is a collaboration between me and Patrice Scanlon


Although I really enjoy explaining things with great detail, especially to those who are hungry for it, I'm not going to spend the limited amount of time available writing on things which I already know.  In other words, this blog is not a place for instruction (though I will be posting useful links) as much as it is a place for me and colleagues to asses our progress in this project.  

So far!

At this moment, Patrice got the Kinect sending data to OSC, which means we're able to route OSC messages to whatever programs can take it.  This has been done using OpenNI and OSCeleton.  The setup process for getting OSC messages out of the Kinect is a bit lengthy.  Outdated instructions are found at Tohm Judson's site, which was extremely helpful, but as a user with little to no developing skills, I had to fill in the outdated pieces by searching forums, trial & error, and improvising. 

edantron's Notes on installing OSCeleton for the Kinect:

When following the installation instructions from Tohm Judson's site 

Everything is fine until you need to install OpenNI, because the version that is available is later than what was used for the instructions.  The difference is a couple extra steps, which involve installing 'oxygen' and 'graphviz' using the previously installed MacPorts program.  You do this by typing this into terminal:

sudo port install doxygen graphviz

if this is not done, you won't be able to install OpenNI using the readme instructions downloaded with the OpenNI zip file (which is what you need to follow, NOT Tohm's installation, which points to an instal.sh file that doesn't exist anymore.

At the point where the instructions say to COPY FILES, the directory mentioned also doesn't exist anymore, instead follow the instructions on adding the license key to 3 xml files.  Instructions on Kan Yang Li's Blog.   

Phew!  At this point, I'm trying to scrounge some money to own a Kinect.  HA!  I dont' even have one yet.  Craigslist will be my glory on that task.  

In conclusion to this post:


There will be lots of details throughout the project as Patrice and I mold an interface between our bodies and the sounds and controls we wish to have.  The interface development and artistic development will be engaged at the same time, and both will have a strong presence in this blog.  

This project is my graduate thesis performance, which will be held March 8th, 2012 as part of Mills College's annual Signal Flow festival.  More on that later.  


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